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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Now that our Save the Dates have been made and sent out, it is time for the big reveal!

There are so many beautiful ideas for Save the Dates out there, but we decided to pull from some of our favorites to make this postcard design...drumroll please...

There is a washed out map of Wisconsin in the background, which I made sure had Lake Wissota visible, and then both of our names and the date.

Simple, and to the point, you will notice from my previous post that we had to change up the design on the back by lightening the bracket color and removing extra text, as well as shrinking things up from the bottom to fit within the Postal Services guidelines for post cards. Make sure if you decide to do postcards you are within the parameters!

Here are some real life photos from stamping and killed me to make them fuzzy, but someone is very particular about the revelation of full names online and all that, so this is the best I could do!

The cost breakdown is as follows:
250 Custom Design Uploaded Postcards from Vista Print,
Color Printed on both sides, with standard shipping:
$55.10 (about 22 cents per card)
125 Postcard Stamps:
$33.75 (27 cents each)
Total: $88.85
Total for each Save the Date sent: about 49 cents each

This is a pretty budget conscious way to send a ton of Save the Dates!


Adam and Jessica December 06, 2008  

I LOVED THE POSTCARD!! We did one for our save the dates...but I have to say yours are way more advanced in their design! I loved the map creative. Keep those creative juices flowing and we'll be SAVING THE DATE!

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