Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Enjoy your tricks or treats, so long as they look like this:

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A Wedding Website

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We pretty much knew that wedding website was a 'necessity' for us right from the get-go. Between blogging and email, even our grandmothers have noticed the increase in accessibility due to technology. Since so many of our guests are coming from out of town, we wanted to have somewhere with real time updates and information that they could have anytime of day or night, without calling us up. {Friends, you know I am not good at calling back}

Thus started the grand search for a wedding website!

As I posted before, I have had a Knot account for a while, and their website features have certainly been upgraded!

They have pretty basic layouts and templates for free and have added some features like matching Save the Dates, online RSVP, etc. When I think baseline, standard and free - I think of this site.

The Know also offers some deals on Wedding Tracker and Wed-o-Rama.

One of my close friends recommended Wedding Tracker whole heartedly.

You get your own domain name, and site for a year for $60. They have some awesome templates, and flashy flash intros, as well as plenty of tools on the inside with RSVPs, guest list management, seating charts, all sorts of stuff...and like I mentioned that price is significantly reduced if you are a Knot member.

Wed-o-Rama, in my opinion is pretty much on par with Wedding Tracker, except now you can upload videos, which is pretty cool, and it costs $70 for the year.

eWedding is another big name free site out there in cyberspace.

This site seems to be pretty good, has a variety of pages, again for f-r-e-e. There are nice little flash intros at the beginning, if you are into that sort of thing, and the designs are pretty cutes-y {and, or, scrapbook-y}. I think that example couple was just a little too much "say cheese" for me. Not that I am not sure that they are really nice people very much in love. [read: models.]

When I stumbled across mywedding.com I was excited because not only are the websites f-r-e-e, BUT they are designed by companies like Papeterie and Wedding Paper Divas to match your invitations. Which we can't afford. Le sigh.

Nonetheless we decided to go with them! (Hey, if i can't afford the actual invites, I might as well have the website!)

They have a great amount of pages that you can turn on and off as you complete them or as they are necessary, instead of having links that direct to a page that says "check back soon" (a la J.Crew as of late. but I digress) and it is a really user friendly interface. And oh yeah, did I mention it is free??

While clearly $70 is relatively cheap for a year, we figured it was semi-unnecessary on a Grad Student / Navy Ensign wedding budget. That could go to some lovely shoes or something for me, or, um, you know, my future husband...I kid, I kid.

In any case, if you are our friend and know our names this should be pretty easy for you, but will hopefully keep some of the online creepers away...

Enter www.mywedding.com/myfirstnameandmyfiance'sfirstname to see our site!


And the blogosphere is exploding...

Monday, October 27, 2008

with news of the 'Not' Wedding going on in Atlanta on the 16th of November!

These Atlanta area vendors have gotten together to showcase their skills and trades in an actual wedding! The couple is actually already married {hence the 'not'} but everything is being done just like a real one, from the ceremony to the reception, with vendors supplying everything for a modern, dream wedding.

Tickets are $10, and quite a few websites are raffling off VIP packages...check more info at their site and blog.

Anyone want to go???



Friday was the anniversary of the day we started dating, which, up until this point has always been called our "anniversary"

We started dating in 2000 in high school...when we were really just babies. Look at this picture from graduation:

(Please excuse the red face and hair, I was crying and it rained that day and we graduated outside, so my beautiful and meticulously created curls [read: what I thought was elegant at the time, but probably would have been a hot mess either way] fell into whatever you can describe that hair as...) 

 In any case, on Friday, imagine my surprise when my fiance made a remark about us celebrating our last anniversary on this day...quite a few other people pointed it out to me as well...and it made me sad :(

While I know that, clearly, our wedding day will become our 'main' anniversary, we will have been together for almost 9 years when we get married! I can't imagine not celebrating what I have now deemed our "dateiversary"

Friends? Do you still celebrate / plan on celebrating your dateiveraries?


I got my baby back

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Er, I mean my engagement ring which I value as a symbol of love and commitment entirely, and not in the slightest as a material possession...that is so sparkly...and glimmery...and fabulous.

In any case, it is back on my hand where it belongs afte being taken down to a 5 1/2...which surprisingly is still not that tight, but fits very well.



Save the Date!

Our Save the Dates have arrived!

As I was leaving the house to come to work this morning, imagine my surprise as the DHL man came traipsing up to ME!

"What can this be?" I thought to myself for a quick moment...and then it dawned on me that this little package held 250 postcards - of my own design {!}- much sooner than expected thanks to the lovely customer service at Vista Print.

Yay! More later on why we decided to go with postcards, and the design itself...

As an aside, let me admit to you all that as much as I adore blogging, sometimes I find it a struggle with whether or not I should reveal things on here, or leave them a surprise since I suspect the majority of people who actually read this will be guests. Luckily, more often than not my naturally tendency to have someone with me to jump around and scream and be excited wins out - though now that only happens via comments - but whatevs, you get my drift.
So here it is, in writing, the day that we will be getting m-a-r-r-i-e-d!

When, when, when should I send them? In Martha this month it said you can send them up to one year in advance, if your guests are traveling (which a majority of ours are) BUT I feel that may be overzealous? And then I have to factor in them getting lost in the holiday card shuffle...so maybe middle of January? Can I hold onto them that long????

Married friends, planning friends, when did you / do you plan to send yours?



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I have a little confession to make. 

I have never had any idea, nor did I care very much, about wedding dresses.
I know, I know, some of you are giving me shocked and amazed expressions right now...but I am 100% serious. I could picture the view from down the aisle - Austin and I, standing there, swearing to love each other forever...everything looked great...
...except from my neck down was just a big, white-ish blur. I have/had absolutely no idea what I wanted.
Things have changed. 
After consulting with my mom, who contends - within reason - that I order my gown in Wisconsin, she revealed that she had no problem with me trying some things on before I get up there for Christmas. I will after all only have a few days up there, and if I go in with no idea that would probably not be good.
So, I went dress shopping with some ladies from my grad program. Nothing serious, we just casually swung by a local boutique here in Athens. They don't really have a large selection, but it was way more fun than I had anticipated!
While I don't think that there were necessarily any winners, it gave me some ideas...and a vision of myself, as a bride.
Oh? did you want to see a glimpse of the vision? Well, alright...if you insist.
No peeking Austin. This means you.


So, my mom has this friend...

Who happens to be a photographer, going back to school for a degree in Graphic Design.

I think her photos are pretty good, and now I am torn :\

Take a look (all photo credit to Amanda Matzke)

She is around the same price as BH Moments, and also gives full reproduction rights. I think her work is good, but these samples are all from a portfolio that she sent me, which means she does not have a website.

A risk worth taking?


I love a lantern...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ok, remember this picture from our venue?

Well, this furniture is staying and I have been having happy visions of white tablecloths swaying in the breeze on top of them with a fabulous copper lantern as a centerpiece on each one with a candle glimmering inside...

But which fabulous lantern?

I have come across some really great deals at White Barn Gifts:

Lantern #1
Approx. 9" tall and on sale for $4.13 a piece, wow. On the plus side, already copper. Negative side, I don't know how I feel about those stars...

Lantern #2 
Approximately 7" tall, on sale for $3.31, another wow. Clearly I would have to spray paint these copper, and I have no idea how hard the glass would be to get out, or if it would be a a painting tape nightmare...but come on, $3.13?

Lantern #3
Approx. 13" tall on sale for $8.31. These clearly have a fabulous presence, but I am not sure if I would really want to spray them...maybe just spray the metal parts copper? Tacky?

Lantern #4
Approx. 5" tall (not including the handle) and on sale for $5.38. I would spray these copper and not hang them, so would they look as fun?

Lantern #5
 Ahhh, this lantern is from Yankee Candle, of course, and is the most expensive of the bunch. At approx. 11" it comes in on sale for $12.50. It is already copper of course and would make a nice little statement.
What do you guys think? Which ones do you like? Or, should I scrap the whole idea and go with some other fabulous centerpiece for the tables outside?


Not on the Knot

Confession: I have had a Knot account since I was 16.

Am I crazy? I don't think so. It all started with a project for health class in which we had to plan a wedding and life with a partner assigned in class to deal with financial planning, etc.

Clearly, none of the girls, including myself cared about finances. We cared about the dress, the flowers, the shoes, the destination, etc. So, I joined the Knot. (a report has to have pictures, right?)

Through the years I browsed pictures and saved ideas whenever I had some down time and thought about it, but a friend asked me the other day if I had ever updated my Knot webpage since being engaged.

I thoughtfully replied "You know what? I haven't even been on The Knot since getting engaged."

Now, don't get me wrong, the Knot is still a great resource for pictures, ideas, all things wedding...but so many other sites and blogs have exploded all over the place with such unique styles and a much more personal feeling, that I haven't felt the need to really go back.

I did today though, to update our information (just in case a guest stumbles upon something of ours online I want all of the information to align) and realized that they have done some serious upgrades. The most noticeable to me was The Knot website feature. It is is much, much better than the last time I looked. They have integrated many more tools including online RSVPs and Save the Dates to match your website.

While ultimately we have decided to go with another website provider for our primary site, the easy to use tools on The Knot could probably and has, I am sure, helped many brides get a website up and going.

For me it is all about making things easy on our guests, so guests and friends, what is important to have on our website?


with this ring...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

As of yesterday, we have officially picked out our wedding bands. According to my "to do" list, we are a little preemptive on this task, but this was something that was fun for both of us, so we were a little excited to go back to Spencer's Jewelers, who designed my engagement ring.

First up, Austin's ring will look similar to this:

 It is a white gold hammered finish band...he really likes the idea that it will "not show scratches" as apparently he is intent on banging it around everywhere for the rest of his life.

Anywho, it looks kind of like our friend Allen's wedding band (except Allen's is in yellow gold) so that is fun!

Also Spencer's is going to engrave it - for free - on the inside with my first and middle name. Awww. (his idea, not mine...I suggested the ever popular "Put it back on"...just kidding)

My band, on the other hand I do not have a picture of...because it is being semi created for me. I know, I know, I am difficult :)

But it too will be white gold, with 6 raised round diamonds, in an ever so slight curve, so that it nicely accents the shape of my engagement ring. Yay!

When we first went in they had a band that I liked with 5 diamonds, but I thought with 6 diamonds they would fit better around the round center stone on my engagement ring. So, the very nice Mr. and Mrs. Spencer found a setting in a catalog to order for me. They are going to play with the construction a little bit and match up some diamonds that are of the same quality as my ring, and then we will see how it looks!

It was so fun to shop for rings, but while I was there the jeweler and I decided that while my ring fits, it is slightly too big (he thinks I should have a little more resistance putting it on and taking it off than I do).

...so on Monday I am going to have to drop off my ring to have it taken from a 6 down to a 5 1/2. I will be with out it for 4 days. Sad faces. I am going to have to dig through my jewelery box and find a replacement ring for a couple of days so my finger doesn't feel naked!

In any case, I continue to be impressed with the level of customer service at our jeweler! They are so sweet and patient, and willing to work with you to get you exactly what you want. Don't be afraid to ask!



Friday, October 17, 2008

 I found two of these fab copper tubs at Walmart, of all places, for 6 bucks a piece. Rock on.
Now, what to use them for? Programs? Ice cold bottled Cokes? 
YAY! I love making actual, tangible, progress on things.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Per my usual obsessive checking of blogs, I got the happiest news via Weddingbee yesterday!!!

Paper Source is coming to Atlanta!! 
While Athens does not equal Atlanta, it is CLOSE ENOUGH! I cannot wait to go in and sample the lovely goodness...I would be at the Grand Opening Events this weekend, but it is homecoming here at UGA, so my visit will have to hold for a while.
I foresee many trips to Hotlanta in the future, good thing gas has gone down!


Things that make me happy...

that the light is currently off in my office, but the combination of sunlight shining through the window and the way i was just sitting caused my engagement ring to throw pretty spots of light all over my desk.

Just thought I would share :)


Labor of Love

Monday, October 13, 2008

I saw this picture today by Our Labor of Love Photography in Atlanta, via Style Me Pretty's Pink Week feature:

 How fun is that Blow Pop Topiary??? (at least that's what I think it is...) What a fun addition to a candy table! I have never really thought about having a candy buffet, but I do love a topiary! 
Of course, then I had to go spend some time looking at their galleries and stumbled across this gorgeous photo:
::le sigh:: How I wish I could pull off a birdcage veil...They are so beautiful!


Monday, Monday, Monday

Happy Monday everyone! and Columbus day for all those who get to celebrate it!

I am secretly blogging here at work since we did not get the day off, unlike Austin who is snuggling with the puppy and probably playing Zelda at home.

Anywho, this weekend was pretty productive for wedding things...yay!

Updates are as follows:

  • We have 'decided' on a design for our Save the Dates, Woo! (I use the word decided lightly however, because you all know me and my mind...I will be making up new designs until the payment is made and they have been shipped)
  • Austin picked out a wedding band (Just seeing samples on his hand gave me a fabulous mushy gushy feeling inside) a post all about them later when I make a decision...
  • I went crazy at Michael's and bought all sorts of fun Navy and Copper things.
  • The down payment for Lake Wissota has been MADE. Due to the delay because of the "holiday" today, who knows when it will get there, but contracts and deposits are on their way! Whew.
Now if I could only be as productive about my school work in the coming days...


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My sorority's national philanthropy is Breast Cancer Awareness and Education, and through that opportunity has become a cause near and dear to my heart.

There are quite a few wedding blogs that have special events and features going on for October! Check them out here:

Style Me Pretty is doing a "Pink Week" this week, showing all sorts of fabulous pink details across many weddings and photographers.

With This Ring has a lovely post about the new Brides Magazine's Something Pink Initiative They are featuring wedding gowns specially designed, with something pink of course, that will benefit the breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Check out this event in Seattle. Love the name "Get Hitched Give Hope"

The Bride's Guide has a post up as well with links and information about different companies getting involved such as Thread, who is offering a 10% discount on orders in October! (a portion of that money will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness)

but beyond the wedding world...

If you are looking to volunteer or go and support some survivors here is the schedule for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure events:

October 4:
Albany, NY; Charlotte, NC; Houston, TX; Lubbock, TX; Nashville, TN; Oklahoma City, OK; Tampa/St Petersburg, FL; Terre Haute, IN
October 5:
Denver, CO; Omaha, NE; Orlando, FL; Princeton/Jackson NJ; Reno, NV
October 11:
Birmingham, AL; Knoxville, TN; Little Rock, AR; Louisville, KY; Wichita Falls, TX
October 12:
Phoenix, AZ
October 18:
Charleston, SC; Dallas, TX; Hickory, NC; Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL; Texarkana, TX; Thibodaux, LA; Virginia Beach, VA;
October 19:
Baltimore, MD; Honolulu, HI; New Orleans, LA; Temecula Valley, CA
October 25:
Des Moines, IA; Fresno, CA; Macon, GA; Memphis, TN; Tupelo, MS
October 26:
Kingsport, TN

To find out more about Race for the Cure click here.


Let's Keep it in Perspective

Friday, October 10, 2008

and laugh for hours and hours


I Love Paper.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It all started in 2000. That's when I joined the yearbook staff.

Since the most fantastic episode of The Causeway to ever come out was published in 2002 (editors myself and my bff Corey) I have pretty much had an obsession with document design.

So when it comes to Save the Dates, Invitations, Menus, Programs, pretty much everything that gets printed, I have been all over the place with ideas.

The bottom line is that there will need to be a lot of information, as most people are traveling...

Now there is the Pocket Fold Invitation which is classic and I have always loved:

Then I stumbled across accordion invitations, which are just so yummy:

There are the booklet invitations of course, and I found the most FUN idea for an insert booklet:

I think something not so rounded would be my style, but wouldn't Navy Blue with a little copper grommet be fab?


New Look

Sometimes I get bored...maybe this is the reason I can;t seem to make a decision when it comes to anything wedding related?

Commitment to Austin is not the issue, but commitment to colors, locations, flowers, etc. definitely a fear there!


Listen to the music...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Of all of the lovely cards that we have received to congratulate us on getting married, this one made me laugh the most:

Hilarious! This little beauty was accompanied by two lovely mixed CDs made by my friend Kat. They are entitled "Wedding Fun" Part 1 and Part 2 and have been playing in my car since I got them.
Love feeling the love!


Carnations? Really?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

As I was leafing through the new InStyle Weddings magazine that I recently picked up, they had a whole article on carnations as wedding flowers. When bunched together they supposedly look like peonies...I am not really sure if I think they look like peonies, but they have a great look all their own.

Now, one of my bestest friends Lindsey, used the floral styling of one of my other bestest friends Shelby's mom, for her wedding. Together they artfully designed beautiful centerpieces using carnations last April.

This was the mock up of the centerpieces...She had long tables and like twenty of these things down them, which made for such an elegant impact. The photos in InStyle were fabulous as well.
Now, I have always loved big arrangements...like this:
(Image Source: TheKnot) 
ESPECIALLY if they have hydrangeas in them, as that is my very favorite flower. Maybe not for every table, but some, for impact. But apparently hydrangeas are expensive? Could this be true? According to the lovely section about flowers in my Martha Planner, they are. I had no idea. I mean, they grow in people's yards abundantly...in Rhode Island they grew abundantly outside of a Pizza Hut. In any case, I digress.

As I was looking through some photos I had assembled for ideas int eh future, I stumbled upon this and realized, THOSE ARE CARNATIONS!

I have forgotten where I got this from, so if anyone knows, let me know who to give credit to...but aren't those cool arrangements? Don't get me wrong. I still want hydrangeas there, but this opens a whole new world...
What do the judges think? Do carnations cut the mustard? 


More Drool.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So, my fabulous boss from UW-Madison this summer (who had her own fantastically beautiful wedding in Colorado last summer) just sent me the link to this website.

Front Room Photography

They operate out of Milwaukee, and their site mentions nothing about pricing or travel...but they are definitely worth a call.


Thanks Sarah!!!


New Additions

I have added some of my favorite Inspiration Blogs, as well as possible vendors for our locations...have fun perusing :)


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