Carnations? Really?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

As I was leafing through the new InStyle Weddings magazine that I recently picked up, they had a whole article on carnations as wedding flowers. When bunched together they supposedly look like peonies...I am not really sure if I think they look like peonies, but they have a great look all their own.

Now, one of my bestest friends Lindsey, used the floral styling of one of my other bestest friends Shelby's mom, for her wedding. Together they artfully designed beautiful centerpieces using carnations last April.

This was the mock up of the centerpieces...She had long tables and like twenty of these things down them, which made for such an elegant impact. The photos in InStyle were fabulous as well.
Now, I have always loved big this:
(Image Source: TheKnot) 
ESPECIALLY if they have hydrangeas in them, as that is my very favorite flower. Maybe not for every table, but some, for impact. But apparently hydrangeas are expensive? Could this be true? According to the lovely section about flowers in my Martha Planner, they are. I had no idea. I mean, they grow in people's yards Rhode Island they grew abundantly outside of a Pizza Hut. In any case, I digress.

As I was looking through some photos I had assembled for ideas int eh future, I stumbled upon this and realized, THOSE ARE CARNATIONS!

I have forgotten where I got this from, so if anyone knows, let me know who to give credit to...but aren't those cool arrangements? Don't get me wrong. I still want hydrangeas there, but this opens a whole new world...
What do the judges think? Do carnations cut the mustard? 


Cola October 03, 2008  

You know I have to put my two cents in here!! Hydrangea are not expensive, especially in July....peonies are ridiculously expensive, but not hydrangea. Now it may seem that they are because they are sold by the stem, but one stem makes a pretty decent sized arrangement! When I chose carnations for Lindsey's wedding, it was purely for the impact she wanted AND the color she wanted. She sent a pic of red hydrangeas, but they were silk...if we'd gone with red peonies, we'd have had maybe 10 stems per where near the impact we ended up with using carnations. The thing about the carnations is that they are inexpensive, they look beautiful bunched and they have "staying power". When you're getting married during warm months, staying power is a good thing. Remember Lindsey's bouquet after doing photos outdoors for a while? Good luck with your choice and call me if you need some advice! Love you.....and have fun with this, ok?

♥ Kiki ♥ October 03, 2008  

You like big flower arrangements like you like big hair. LOL.

veganmegan October 04, 2008  

i am a hydrangea fan too!! do any of your neighbors have bushes of them? i am sure they would let you borrow!

Hale October 05, 2008  

Why not carnations? I mean I love hydrangea's too; and good point about them growing in people's yards..I too find it hard to believe they could be so expensive. However, if your talking about table centerpieces and church decorations than I think carnations are a great idea. Maybe use hydrangeas for boquets and extra special stuff!

Steven October 08, 2008  

GREAT!! These flowers are absolutely essential part of her wedding.

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