I got my baby back

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Er, I mean my engagement ring which I value as a symbol of love and commitment entirely, and not in the slightest as a material possession...that is so sparkly...and glimmery...and fabulous.

In any case, it is back on my hand where it belongs afte being taken down to a 5 1/2...which surprisingly is still not that tight, but fits very well.



Haley October 24, 2008  

I LOOOVVVEEE this picture! So sweet! (And it's so weird to me how recognizable my brother's hand is to me)BTW, I can't wait to see your Save the Dates!

Anonymous October 24, 2008  

I agree with Haley. It's a good photo and I totally recognize Austin's hand.
Bye, Leslie

Adam and Jessica October 25, 2008  

What a cool shot! Shows off that gorgous ring perfectly! Did you guys take it or someone else?? Either way...I'm impressed:) PS...love this BLOG!

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