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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ok, remember this picture from our venue?

Well, this furniture is staying and I have been having happy visions of white tablecloths swaying in the breeze on top of them with a fabulous copper lantern as a centerpiece on each one with a candle glimmering inside...

But which fabulous lantern?

I have come across some really great deals at White Barn Gifts:

Lantern #1
Approx. 9" tall and on sale for $4.13 a piece, wow. On the plus side, already copper. Negative side, I don't know how I feel about those stars...

Lantern #2 
Approximately 7" tall, on sale for $3.31, another wow. Clearly I would have to spray paint these copper, and I have no idea how hard the glass would be to get out, or if it would be a a painting tape nightmare...but come on, $3.13?

Lantern #3
Approx. 13" tall on sale for $8.31. These clearly have a fabulous presence, but I am not sure if I would really want to spray them...maybe just spray the metal parts copper? Tacky?

Lantern #4
Approx. 5" tall (not including the handle) and on sale for $5.38. I would spray these copper and not hang them, so would they look as fun?

Lantern #5
 Ahhh, this lantern is from Yankee Candle, of course, and is the most expensive of the bunch. At approx. 11" it comes in on sale for $12.50. It is already copper of course and would make a nice little statement.
What do you guys think? Which ones do you like? Or, should I scrap the whole idea and go with some other fabulous centerpiece for the tables outside?


veganmegan October 20, 2008  

i vote #1. the stars are very nautical and navy like.

Cola October 21, 2008  

You know I'm gonna comment....I'm with Megan...I like #1 first, especially if you're going to use any nautical flavor in the wedding...I also like #5. It's kind of contemporary nautical..I just like it and I'm tied between the two simply because I'm not sure where you're going with your "flavor" of the wedding. I love the tubs!! It's going to be a beautiful wedding!

Heather from the bar October 21, 2008  

#1 is cute, but #5 is more modern... but of course more expensive. Either one would look great :)

Haley October 22, 2008  

I actually love the first lantern. It's rustic look gives it a lot of character that I think some of the other laterns are lacking. I didn't even notice the odd shaped stars. And the price and the fact that you wouldn't have to paint or do any altering to it makes it stand above the rest to me.

Anonymous October 24, 2008  

Keep it simple. I like number 1and 5 . I wouldn't do any painting (you'll be busy enough).
I love this blog!
Bye, Leslie

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