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Thursday, July 30, 2009

So soon, you ask?

Why yes! Because, when she saw that I had not photos of the set up process, my new father-in-law's lovely girlfriend sent me some!

Loading up the vehicles...I believe I am in there 
conferring with my brother about a checklist.
 Look at my hot husband hanging curtains for me.
Look at how much fun my lovely maids were having! haha. right.
The siblings, helping out. While others were nice enough to not make 
comments along the lines of, "she is insane," these two had no qualms. 
Ah, sibling love.
 "Here dads, let me show you how I want it..." 
I may or may not have walked around apologizing to everyone and 
thanking them profusely throughout this entire process.
And with that, a few hours minutes later, we were good to go!
Again, thank you so much to everyone who was willing to climb ladders, get ceiling dust in their eyes, tie pretty bows and sting lanterns ad curtains that night. It all came out fabulously.


Impromptu Welcome Lunch

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

While a few of my lovely bridesmaids arrived on Wednesday {and then we got to hang out and get manicures and pedicures and set up the wedding reception decor [read: my friends and family love me enough to be slave labor...thanks guys!] - no photos though, sad day!} the majority of the wedding party and family arrived on late Wednesday night, or early Thursday morning, so we will start recaps there.

{Are you impressed by the length on that last sentence? I am.}

As everyone rolled in to my parents' house, my mom and I were running errands early - picking up some flowers for the house, picking up linens and tables, all sorts of last minute details.

We headed back to the house, and some of the people had arrived to stay! I immediately went into chill mood and was ready to have some fun. My fiance, on the other hand, went into "let's get things done" mode, which made me laugh. But, he assigned duties to everyone hanging out and they hopped to! He and I ran to drop off linens at Lake Wissota and check in with Karen, our event manager, to make sure everything was good to go!

We were so excited and giddy the whole way there and back, and we were ready to roll when it came time to meet everyone up at Noodles & Co. for a quick bite to eat!

Don't you just love when those big, loud, annoying groups steal
all the tables in the restaurant to create a large one? Ha!

We were just so excited to see everyone all in one place! This is the moment where I looked around me and said "it's here!" And then, just like that we all had to run and change to make the 3:00 rehearsal on time!


Recap Outline

As I tackle these wedding recaps, and since I am an English major at heart, I figured that the best bet would be to first outline these thoughts - chronologically. I briefly considered just writing a novella, but thought if I break it up it would be easier for everyone to stomach.

Recaps will occur as follows:

  1. Rehearsal Day
    1. Lunch
    2. Rehearsal
    3. Leinenkugel's Tour and The View
    4. Rehearsal Dinner
    5. Bachelorette Festivities! {thankfully no pictures of the Bachelor activities exist}
  2. Wedding Day
    1. Salon and Getting Ready
    2. First Look
    3. Wedding Party shots
    4. Getting to the church
    5. Ceremony
    6. Family Shots
    7. First Dance and Dinner
    8. The Sunset
    9. Toasts
    10. The Cake Story
    11. Dancing
    12. Bouquet/Garter Toss
    13. We're on a boat!
  3. The Day After
    1. Brunch
    2. The Mall of America
Ok, so this is what you can all hold me to! It will be quite some time to get through all of this, but I will, I swear, and hopefully our video will get here soon so I can interject some of those clips as well as photos.

Here we go!


Photos are in!

Monday, July 27, 2009

We have received all of our professional wedding photos! Thank you Jeff!!

I will be starting recaps just as soon as possible, until then here are is a sampling of a few of my favorites {which are all over the place, but otherwise I would just have to post them all!}:




Still Waiting...

Monday, July 13, 2009

for our photos to arrive, but in celebration of a month of marriage here is another one to whet your appetite.


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