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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Edit - I wrote this post a YEAR ago and never posted it. Here we go friends.

Here I am, back from my hiatus! but I have had a good excuse. Seriously, look:

Anywho, onto the Rehearsal Dinner!

After our lovely stop in at the View, we headed to our RD location - High Shores! The food was delicious and the weather was divine. The music played and all of our closest friends and family members surrounded us. At one point we looked at each other and my FH said. "This is it, this is our wedding."

We were so overwhelmed.

Little did we know that open mic night was about to begin.

First, the host and hostess (FH's mom and dad) each spoke. Then my mom. And then, well, everyone.

{these may or may not have been pregnancy tears ;) }

As if we did not know before how lucky we are to be surrounded by such amazing friends, we were assured that night. Some tears were shed, hugs were shared, and then it was time for presents!


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