The Big Day: Getting Ready

Sunday, October 3, 2010

June 12, 2009 dawned a bright and sunshine-y day. I woke up SO excited, and yet so calm. I headed downstairs where all my friends were together in one place, which was just the most awesome feeling. We grabbed some small food, and got ready to head to the salon.

You know I was happy because a. I have a mimosa in hand b. because I was grinning and c. because these photos of me with no makeup on actually exist.

Actually, I had walked out of the house that morning without my makeup. Ack! So much for being calm. But, a well placed phone call to mom and all was resolved.

Almost done!

My gorgeous friends were all getting beautified

While we were getting ready, everyone got the chance to relax on the couches, drink some mimosas, and hang out...

Shelby contemplated life...or cheese curds. One of the two.

Lindsey got the fun job of running to have my ring cleaned...and everyone else's!

After we were all ready to go, we headed out to Lake Wissota. Cue the pro pictures.

Headed down to the getting ready room, and hiding from the boys. 

Shoes on the Bible... sacrilegious? I certainly didn't stage this one.

The ladies were dressed and then it was time for one last toast, before it was time for the dress.

Not a pro pic, but I love this photo, because I can distinctly remember thinking "Well, here we go!"

Time for presents and a veil and then we would be ready for our first look!


Girly Sleepover

Friday, October 1, 2010

 So, I said next we would wrap up rehearsal night with a post on the gifts given to the ladies and gents - buuuut, I can't find those dang photos. So, I will have to come back to that, moving on.

Some of us had some fun with the hats that decorated the bathroom...

After wrapping up a lovely evening on the lake, we ladies headed back to my parents house for a good old fashioned girly sleepover. The boys went off to do, well, all sorts of things that I would rather not write about :)

My amazing ladies gifted me with some pretty underthings for my new married life, and then gifted me with the new traditional OSL bridal gift - an initial necklace of my new last name. I was so excited!

We gossiped a bit and laughed a lot and then, well, we hit the hay. The next day was a big one!


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