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Monday, March 30, 2009

- because I have homework {and a possible job to apply for, eek!}, else I would share all of these with you now.

But, a long time ago I promised shots of wedding bands.

I took some.

And they are coming to you shortly.


Due to popular demand...

Here are some more shots, that didn't need editing to share, from our session with Haley:



Such a Tease...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

As I previously mentioned, the FH's sister - Maid Haley who threw me my awesome shower - took some photos of us at our Alma Mater, Great Bridge. At the shower, she gave me two discs chalk full of some awesome shots {like 300} and told me to pick out which ones we liked for her to edit.

We are currently catching up on the DVR and going through them...

BUT, in the spirit of generosity {or perhaps vanity}, I thought I would show you one of our faves...before edit:


Happy Sunday!


Today's Dilemma

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lately I have realized that I have been putting off making decisions about my attire, beyond the dress, on the day of the wedding. It is time to buckle down.

I know I want Navy shoes. For a long time, I have wanted THESE Navy shoes:

This is the Kate Spade Gali Shoe. I have loved them for a long time.
Sadly, they are still $351.00.

The green ones have gone down in price, but of course, not the blue.

I have a hard time rationalizing this purchase, even though I love them so much - but when else in life will I be able to rationalize this price on shoes?? All of the comments say how comfortable they are, and that they also ordered them for their weddings (in white and ivory, mostly). Even the fiance has sanctioned the why do I still hesitate? (Probably because I have an ongoing wedding budget in my head).

Today, I stumbled across these lovelies from J.Crew:

The Nicolette strappy heel.

These babies are $188.00, but there are promos often enough which could make them an even better deal. They are a quarter of an inch higher than the Kate Spade's...which may make a difference in a 12+ hour day. But, I may be able to get more use out of them after the wedding.

There are also some more options on Zappos, mostly from a brand 'rsvp' that all range from $65.00-$79.00. They are cute, but the reviews don't seem to be that great regarding comfort...and they are all something that I feel like I would buy for any-day wear. I don't know that they would make me feel all that 'bridal'.

So here is the dilemma - do I go with the dreamy bridal shoes, the practical midrange, or the cute, but not comfortable, affordables? (I feel a little like those people on House Hunters must, when the host boils their choices down to select catch phrases).

P.S. I could also always order them all and see what I like best in person? Who has ordered from Zappos?


Engagement Celebrations

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I realized lately that I never posted about our engagement party back in November, and since we were lucky enough to have another engagement celebration in March, I figured I would go ahead and combo them up!

To start, our engagement party in November. My lovely FMIL hosted this gala at her home and decorated it beautifully - her theme was 'light' and I wish I had more pictures of the hundreds of candles and lanterns that made the party glow. The food, the friends, martinis, all were wonderful. ;)

Here we are with our appropriately decorated champagne glasses...

and the result of having drank the champagne, and maybe a few chocolate martinis...

{I swear the party was winding down and there were not too many people there to witness this sort of behavior ;) }

Next up was a youthful night of dinner and debauchery with our friends in Norfolk, courtesy of Best Man Corey!

He planned a lovely dinner at a restaurant in downtown Byrd and Baldwin Brothers Steakhouse. He even reserved the private dining room downstairs!

Here is the whole crowd around our table, courtesy of our server

{That's us! Waaay down at the head of the table}

Here we are!

{Excuse the pale face as I was just getting over being fact my fever didn't really break until later that night - but I still had a great time!}

The food and drinks were joke it was probably the most melt in my mouth steak I have ever had. After we were all finished we headed upstairs where the hostess was kind enough to take this group shot!

We then hit the streets and headed out to some clubs on Granby Street! We swung through Guadalajara, Scotty Quixx and finally settled at a table at Baxter's where we closed the place down.

{Hey ladies! My fever broke! Time to celebrate!}

We had an awesome time at both celebrations and are so grateful that this preparation process gives us another excuse to hang out with our friends and have a great time!


I have been showered!

This last weekend I headed up to Virginia for a lovely bridal shower thrown by my FSIL and Maid Haley:

{all photo credits to people other than me, since I forgot my camera}

There is a lovely write up courtesy of my friend Jessica on her blog, so I am just going to share a couple of my favorite pictures and my feelings on the day.

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little apprehensive about this shower. Don't get me wrong... I love bridal showers! But, I have never been the one getting showered.

Besides, the part I was most worried about was opening up gifts in front of people. I haven't done that since I was probably ten years old at a birthday party and was having irrational worries {What will I say?? If I keep saying thank you is that redundant?? or sufficient??} I braved the concerns though and have to say that I had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It was so wonderful to be surrounded by all of that love, especially from some guests who I hadn't been able to see in so long! The entire day I simply felt so blessed to have such gracious and {seriously} generous people in my life who are genuinely excited for us to embark upon our married life. So I just want to take a second to say thank you to all of you who made me feel so loved, including those who were with me in spirit though they couldn't be there in person.

Here are a few pics!

{The lovely ladies Jessica and Haley}

{The proof of my seriously generous friends}

Yay! I am starting to feel like a real bride!



Friday, March 20, 2009

The wonderful Alyssa Alig sent me an email today that was happily awaiting my arrival in Virginia.

She is 'ahead of schedule' and has our preview up on her blog {!!!!}

Alyssa, I love you. Truly, madly deeply. This just made my day!
Click here for the full preview.


Just Kidding!

Well, I am officially lame-o, as I couldn't even follow through with another update last night...


it was because our engagement pics with Alyssa ran long (yay! more pictures for us!) and THEN I had the opportunity to celebrate Champagne Thursday with two bridesmaids in town.

So - I was doing wedding related things! (rationalize, rationalize, rationalize).

In any case, I have TONS of updates for you all...since the last blog there have been two engagement photo sessions, a rocking engagement dinner, we finally settled on an invitation design, and this weekend is my first bridal shower in Virginia!

The camera batteries are charged and ready to go for my trip, so expect to see some pics as soon as I can upload 'em!


A Public Apology

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Faithful Friends and Readers,

I know. I am sorry.

I will be back soon.

Like tonight soon.




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