Such a Tease...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

As I previously mentioned, the FH's sister - Maid Haley who threw me my awesome shower - took some photos of us at our Alma Mater, Great Bridge. At the shower, she gave me two discs chalk full of some awesome shots {like 300} and told me to pick out which ones we liked for her to edit.

We are currently catching up on the DVR and going through them...

BUT, in the spirit of generosity {or perhaps vanity}, I thought I would show you one of our faves...before edit:


Happy Sunday!


veganmegan March 29, 2009  

no fair! i want to see them all!

Holden's March 30, 2009  

What a tease...I love them Courtney!! The two of you are just too adorable!

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