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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but my FSIL is a photographer. Seriously.

What a major hook up - right? Wrong. I don't want her working on our wedding day! I want her standing next to me as a bridesmaid able to enjoy the moments, not worrying about capturing them.

There is another way that she can put her awesome skills to use, however, and I am SO excited to share that with you all!

You see, the FH and I originally met and fell in love in high school.

{yes, that is actually our high school}

Since we graduated (way back in 2002) there have been many changes in administration and school district zoning, but I had alway thought that it would be kind of cool to head back there some day.

As I was thinking about locations for our engagement pictures I began to think how awesome it would be to be able to have access to a high school setting (like this photo shoot from the incredible Anne Ruthmann) since that would be so us. But what school, in this day and age of safety and security nightmares, would let us in?

Turns out, our school will! On a whim I shot off an email to the new principal of our alma mater explaining our situation and the one weekend that both the FH and I, along with his sister would be back in our old stomping grounds. This morning she emailed me back saying that she was more than happy to help us in our endeavor. Success!

We are all so excited to get to head back to our hallowed halls, and I am even more so because now we will get two engagement photo sessions in places that have meant so much to us as a couple - where we began, and where we first lived our lives together, as just us.

Did you take engagement photos in any unusual places that had sentimental value?


veganmegan February 26, 2009  

carolyn is letting you?! i loooooove this and can't wait to see the pictures!!

you should make sure to take pictures on the stage!!!

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