Making our Get Away

Monday, February 16, 2009

Much like this picture, we will be making our big getaway on a BOAT! When i first started thinking about this idea, I found others who had done the same. Like this getaway from the lovely With This Ring...
{Dear Lorelei, You are gorgeous.}

While I am in love with these pictures, however, I have a sinking feeling that our boat may end up looking more like this:

{only $40 for the day! What a steal! ha.}

I have some uncles and friends of the family in the area who have speed and motor boats who are more than willing to let us use them for free, so I think we may end up going that route, or playing around for a pontoon rental, much like this one...

I keep telling myself that it will be dark anyways, so this is not a priority, but sometimes it is hard to let those grander dreams die. I am pretty sure that this is a common issue for most brides. Did you ever have delusions of grandeur that needed to come back to reality?


The Hrudowsky Family February 16, 2009  

I have to say that leaving by boat is excellent! Even if it is dark. See if you can use christmas lights to decorate it if you can figure out how to get power to them.

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