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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Between this lovely photo from the talented Rebecca Thuss...

and this lovely photo from Martha Stewart...

...I have been pretty much obsessed with incorporating galvanized vases into the decor of our wedding, but of course instead of bright and shiny silver, in our fabulous accent color of copper!

Turns out finding copper vases for a semi-affordable price has been a pretty big challenge. My quest, however, has finally been fruitful!

I came across the lovely site www.galvanizedpail.com {why it took me so long to find such an obviously named website I will never understand}

In any case, there are a few different options, for affordable sizes, but my mom is super concerned about high centerpieces interrupting the flow of conversations, as have many brides before me.

There is the 5.5" diameter opening vase, which is actually 8.5" high.
These are $2.89 for any less than 48 vases, 48+ are $2.59 each.

{I am not really sure how I feel about the long handle. Meh.}

Then we have the 6.5" diameter opening vase, which is actually 11" high.
These are $3.79 for 1-59 vases, and $3.29 each for 60+ vases.

{I like these handles better, and I am thinking that I could order a large amount and use them both for aisles at the ceremony, and then transport them to the centerpieces for the reception? Maybe? Too much work?}

Lastly there are these 8" diameter opening vases, which are actually 15" high. Super tall.
1-35 of these vases are $6.59 each, and more than 35 are $5.89 each.

{While these are super tall, I secretly yearn for tall centerpieces...}

Clearly I would need to spray all of these copper...but with my trusty spray paint this is no issue.

They would of course be filled with white flowers, and though I have always loved the look of hydrangeas, I am currently in love with each of these options shown by Style Me Pretty earlier today.

{especially those tulips in the top right! Swoon!}

How do you all feel about centerpiece heights? Do high centerpieces annoy you at weddings?


The Hrudowsky Family February 03, 2009  

Hate to break it to you but I don't think that tulips are in season in July and will be super expensive... You might want to check it out with your florist before getting your heart set on them. I also think that moving things from the church to the reception might be a bit annoying but you have tons of great friends that would love to help if needed!

Cola February 05, 2009  

I love tall centerpieces, but not with wide vases. What if you get taller tins for places like the "guest book" table, cake table, etc.. Weddings are hectic, even for guests...and although everyone loves to help, I would keep it simple for all and not try to use the church flowers at the reception, unless you have a wedding planner that can take care of it for you. Maybe you could use inexpensive million star baby's breath at the church. I love the tins though...I think they are fabulous. Also, you should be able to get tulips with no problem...they come from Holland and several other countries.

Hale February 05, 2009  

I'm not against high centerpieces as long as they're high enough to see past them when you're sitting down. You don't want your guest to not be able to see the action on the dance floor, nor do you want them to not be able to see each other and have conversations. I love the tulips but it's true they might be very expensive. It'll save you money to transfer the vases from ceremony to reception but it may be a headache to organize the transition.

Heather February 10, 2009  

I like this idea because the avses are truly reusable ... in your garden or something.

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