Friends with your Vend...ors

Monday, February 23, 2009

Originally, the FH and I were planning on picking up our wedding bands yesterday. Since the Mr. spent so much time with the Spencers designing my wedding band, we have been back in the shop many times since September. Even my lovely Christmas present was purchased there. {We are pretty brand loyal people in general, but when there are such nice people involved you can't pull us away!}

The Spencers know us by name and always make a concerted effort to keep up with wedding plans and are just such nice people. We have recommended them to so many people in town you would think we are getting a kickback. We rejoiced with them when their son, who will someday take over the management of the business, got married a few weeks back.

Yesterday, however when we pulled up to the familiar storefront we were saddened by a sign on the door that read that they were closed over the weekend due to a family funeral. We both looked at each other and expressed our sadness immediately. Not at not being able to pick up the bands we had been so excited about moments before, but for instead for their family.

As we pulled away, I began to realize how much we sincerely care for this family and it had me wondering; which vendors did you become close with in your planning process?


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