Photographer Booked!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Remember way back when in December when I got all indecisive about our photographer?

Well, it is a good thing that I did.

We met with Jeff Thompson, of Jeff Thompson Photography, when we were in Wisconsin over Christmas and immediately fell in vendor-love with him.

His work is fabulous, and while we were all for booking him then and there...he was way more expensive than the other photographers that we had been looking at.

But look at these photos!

After much thoughtful consideration, the FH and I decided that since photography is one of the most important things to us about our wedding day, we would go ahead and splurge on him. Between his attitude and style, he was one of the easier decisions that we have made...though it will be tough to balance the budget a bit.

We sent him word and our happy contract is off in the mail. Consider him booked!

What were your budget priorities?


The Hrudowsky Family February 10, 2009  

Yay! One more thing checked off of the list.

I agree that pictures are important and a splurge is ok on something that will last a lifetime. Figure out what the most important things are for your wedding and then figure out what is not important. Don't spend tons on something that you don't see as very important. One thing you could cut out is favors... Who really needs extra candy or some little trinket that is just going to be thrown away?

Meredith February 10, 2009  

I think those photos are GORGEOUS! I agree spend more money on the photos, I wish I had.

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