Dressing the Hot Mamas

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One of the hardest people to dress for the wedding is definitely going to be my mom. It's not that my mom is not beautiful, or lovely...or a nudist. Ha!

See, when I am a mother of a bride...someday...waaaay down the road, I hope to wear something like this little number

{via Nordstrom}

My mom, on the other hand has much different tastes than me, which not only stems from the lovely person that she is, but a very different body type as well (which include some desirable curves that my sister and I joke we split between us). She used to dress up quite a bit as an officer's wife, for balls and such, but since dad's retirement and her career as a preschool teacher took off she has relaxed into a much more comfy repertoire.

She first tried to argue for a nice pair of black pants and cute top, but after realizing that she would not only be standing next to my dad in a tux, but also my brother and her new son in law, besides my sister and I in fancy schmancy dresses, she conceded defeat. I, for one, was envisioning her in something much more like this

{via Nordstrom}

I begged her to go look at some dresses and just see what she could find, and am so proud that she went outside her comfort zone on her search to find something appropriate! My mother clearly loves me very much :)

She and my grandmother headed to Minneapolis to drop my sister off at the airport, and took advantage of the situation to drop by the Mall of America!

My mother, who loves comfort and hasn't enjoyed shopping for herself since she has had children to shop for, spent the entire day trying on dresses at stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Macy's. She told me all about it on the phone today and I can only imagine what some of those lovely frocks were like (including one covered in feathers, which is so not my mom)!

She ended up bringing one option home, and I could tell from the tone of her voice that she feels pretty confident and excited about her choice, but has decided to keep her eyes open for now. I love that she put so much effort into finding something and is having fun during this planning process too, even though we are so far away from one another. I feel like this is the one of the first glimmers of pure fun and excitement that I have seen from my normally stoic and super-planner mom.

Did your mom have fun planning with you? Did you have fun planning with your mom?


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