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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So, admittedly, yesterday I kinda freaked.

but after a few of these:

and some lovely and supportive friends - and my especially lovely fiance's - reassurance, I am better now.

I am totally rejuvenated and ready to go - let's get this wedding on!

One thing that helped me feel so much better is the fact that we finally heard back from a church yesterday. {YAY!}

Father Felix from S. Charles Borromeo in Chippewa Falls sent me an email yesterday that sounded positively open to having our wedding ceremony there.

I am so happy, but trying not to get too excited just yet since we are not finalized. It's pretty difficult though because S. Charles was the first church I found and pretty much fell in love with.

My sister also just attended a wedding there - and like any good MOH - took the time to snap some pictures of the inside of the church.

 The outside of the church is equally gorgeous and the directions from the church to reception site are easily navigable for all of our guests. Cross your fingers for us so that we can get some awesome shots like this one from Jerry Yoon Photography, via WeddingbeePRO today...


Anonymous February 20, 2009  

Oh cute. It's beautiful! I love it! Fingers crossed.

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