So, it has been a week -

Monday, February 2, 2009

Since my last post.

I am a bad bride.


In the mean time...

My ladies are now ordering their dresses {yay!}, and I made the trip with my only local maid, here is proof of our trip:

{though this looks close to Navy, it isn' not be fooled, K also won my mostfavoritepersonintheworld award that day because she brought me that skinny vanilla latte you see in my happy, happy hand.}


Adam and Jessica February 02, 2009  

OOOh I like the style. REALLY flattering!

♥ Kiki ♥ February 03, 2009  

LOL, I am your favorite person EVERY day. At least that's what you told me after 2 martinis and a beer. Ha!

Hale February 05, 2009  

What a good bridesmaid bringing you that delicousness in a cup!

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