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Thursday, February 12, 2009

While the FH and I were in Wisconsin, we drove around and were able to visit cross many places off of the possible rehearsal dinner spots for his mom. Some of these spots were just, well, not us.

{Besides the fact that they looked at us like we were crazy for requesting a space for more than 20 people}

Luckily though, we happened to drive by a place that is now our RD location!

Welcome to the High Shores Supper Club!

{isn't it adorably Northwoods-y??}

The best part however, is that it is also on Lake Wissota, and the RD will be out back - where it looks like this

{see that deck up there? to the left?}

{see that lake view? can't you just feel a delicious summer evening upon you?}

{the, um, Busch Beer sign will be coming down}

The food at this place is delicious, or so we have heard, and they are giving our guest the choice of 5 different entrees for a standard price. It was really important to us to have a location that is low-key and relaxed, while being nice at the same time - which is a hard find in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, I won't lie. We really just want a chance to mix and mingle and have fun with our friends.

This venue also offers Champagne Cruises, which would be awesome! {totally unnecessary, but awesome}

The date is booked, and we are ready to go. We are so excited and grateful that my FMIL is so generous and loves celebrating as much as we do!

The only question now is who all gets invited? A huge majority of our guests are coming in from OOT...which could drive up the prices really quickly. The bridal party, FH and I alone make up 18 people, not even including their significant others, or our immediate family!

Who did you invite to your RD?


The Hrudowsky Family February 13, 2009  

We had the Bridal party, and out of town family and other guests.

MegRob February 14, 2009  

You are killing me with the acronyms Court.


(but the place looks beautiful and perfect!!!)

veganmegan February 15, 2009  

i love this location! log cabins!

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