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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I realized lately that I never posted about our engagement party back in November, and since we were lucky enough to have another engagement celebration in March, I figured I would go ahead and combo them up!

To start, our engagement party in November. My lovely FMIL hosted this gala at her home and decorated it beautifully - her theme was 'light' and I wish I had more pictures of the hundreds of candles and lanterns that made the party glow. The food, the friends, the...um...chocolate martinis, all were wonderful. ;)

Here we are with our appropriately decorated champagne glasses...

and the result of having drank the champagne, and maybe a few chocolate martinis...

{I swear the party was winding down and there were not too many people there to witness this sort of behavior ;) }

Next up was a youthful night of dinner and debauchery with our friends in Norfolk, courtesy of Best Man Corey!

He planned a lovely dinner at a restaurant in downtown Byrd and Baldwin Brothers Steakhouse. He even reserved the private dining room downstairs!

Here is the whole crowd around our table, courtesy of our server

{That's us! Waaay down at the head of the table}

Here we are!

{Excuse the pale face as I was just getting over being sick...in fact my fever didn't really break until later that night - but I still had a great time!}

The food and drinks were delicious...no joke it was probably the most melt in my mouth steak I have ever had. After we were all finished we headed upstairs where the hostess was kind enough to take this group shot!

We then hit the streets and headed out to some clubs on Granby Street! We swung through Guadalajara, Scotty Quixx and finally settled at a table at Baxter's where we closed the place down.

{Hey ladies! My fever broke! Time to celebrate!}

We had an awesome time at both celebrations and are so grateful that this preparation process gives us another excuse to hang out with our friends and have a great time!


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