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Friday, March 20, 2009

Well, I am officially lame-o, as I couldn't even follow through with another update last night...


it was because our engagement pics with Alyssa ran long (yay! more pictures for us!) and THEN I had the opportunity to celebrate Champagne Thursday with two bridesmaids in town.

So - I was doing wedding related things! (rationalize, rationalize, rationalize).

In any case, I have TONS of updates for you all...since the last blog there have been two engagement photo sessions, a rocking engagement dinner, we finally settled on an invitation design, and this weekend is my first bridal shower in Virginia!

The camera batteries are charged and ready to go for my trip, so expect to see some pics as soon as I can upload 'em!


The Hrudowsky Family March 20, 2009  

Blair and I are so excited for tomorrow! We got your gift today and you are going to love it! I hope you drive is uneventful!!!

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