Girly Sleepover

Friday, October 1, 2010

 So, I said next we would wrap up rehearsal night with a post on the gifts given to the ladies and gents - buuuut, I can't find those dang photos. So, I will have to come back to that, moving on.

Some of us had some fun with the hats that decorated the bathroom...

After wrapping up a lovely evening on the lake, we ladies headed back to my parents house for a good old fashioned girly sleepover. The boys went off to do, well, all sorts of things that I would rather not write about :)

My amazing ladies gifted me with some pretty underthings for my new married life, and then gifted me with the new traditional OSL bridal gift - an initial necklace of my new last name. I was so excited!

We gossiped a bit and laughed a lot and then, well, we hit the hay. The next day was a big one!


Jessica and Adam Herndon October 01, 2010  

Ahhh I love the picture with the OSL necklace!! What a great idea...I shouldn't have been the first to get married and miss out on the newer traditions ;).

Courtney October 01, 2010  

Don't worry Jess! We will find a time to get you one! <3

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