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Thursday, July 30, 2009

So soon, you ask?

Why yes! Because, when she saw that I had not photos of the set up process, my new father-in-law's lovely girlfriend sent me some!

Loading up the vehicles...I believe I am in there 
conferring with my brother about a checklist.
 Look at my hot husband hanging curtains for me.
Look at how much fun my lovely maids were having! haha. right.
The siblings, helping out. While others were nice enough to not make 
comments along the lines of, "she is insane," these two had no qualms. 
Ah, sibling love.
 "Here dads, let me show you how I want it..." 
I may or may not have walked around apologizing to everyone and 
thanking them profusely throughout this entire process.
And with that, a few hours minutes later, we were good to go!
Again, thank you so much to everyone who was willing to climb ladders, get ceiling dust in their eyes, tie pretty bows and sting lanterns ad curtains that night. It all came out fabulously.


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