So, my mom has this friend...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who happens to be a photographer, going back to school for a degree in Graphic Design.

I think her photos are pretty good, and now I am torn :\

Take a look (all photo credit to Amanda Matzke)

She is around the same price as BH Moments, and also gives full reproduction rights. I think her work is good, but these samples are all from a portfolio that she sent me, which means she does not have a website.

A risk worth taking?


Anonymous October 22, 2008  

This is wierd because you don't know me, but I get a google alert every time the words "courtney" "photographer" and "price" are used in a blog post. So, since I'm a photographer and I don't know you or that photog, I can objectively tell you no, don't go with that photog. Real photogs don't give reproduction rights (unless there is a cost) and to be honest, the stuff you've shown is not ready for a wedding.

Good luck!

veganmegan October 23, 2008  

i am not crazy about those photos. i can't remember the other photographer that you were thinking of going with but I am not impressed by those.

Heather from the bar October 23, 2008  

I would definitely ask to see her full portfolio at a sit down meeting. We met with a friend of my grandmothers who has been a wedding photographer for 20 years, and sitting down with her really helped us... to choose someone else :)
However I don't agree with the photographer above who said "real photogs don't give reproduction rights". I am not a wedding photographer, but I work with one, and yes, most do charge a hefty sum for full rights, but my wedding photographer is giving us full rights to all the high rez images. I mean, we are paying him to photograph our wedding, heck yes I want to have all of the pictures , not just an album of 40! Go with who you feel is best, but definitely see a full wedding, and albums they have done before agreeing to anything!

Adam and Jessica October 25, 2008  

Upon reading this post, I went back to your post about the other potential photographer and I love that photography. This person's seems a little less experienced. The shots on the other photographers site are all so beautiful and seem like the right fit for you and Haley liked their stuff too:)

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