Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday was the anniversary of the day we started dating, which, up until this point has always been called our "anniversary"

We started dating in 2000 in high school...when we were really just babies. Look at this picture from graduation:

(Please excuse the red face and hair, I was crying and it rained that day and we graduated outside, so my beautiful and meticulously created curls [read: what I thought was elegant at the time, but probably would have been a hot mess either way] fell into whatever you can describe that hair as...) 

 In any case, on Friday, imagine my surprise when my fiance made a remark about us celebrating our last anniversary on this day...quite a few other people pointed it out to me as well...and it made me sad :(

While I know that, clearly, our wedding day will become our 'main' anniversary, we will have been together for almost 9 years when we get married! I can't imagine not celebrating what I have now deemed our "dateiversary"

Friends? Do you still celebrate / plan on celebrating your dateiveraries?


Critter October 27, 2008  

No worries...our (scheduled) wedding date is YOUR dateiversary so we'll continue celebrating it for you!!!

Jess October 27, 2008  

Mark always remembers April 8th which is when we started dating in 2000. I love that he remembers this. Who says that you cant have 2 special dates.

veganmegan October 27, 2008  

we celebrate everything. we celebrate our first date, the official start of us being an item anniversary, the wedding, and the engagement. The wedding one is the big one but we acknowledge the other and do something a little special like see a movie or make a carpet picnic and make out.

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