Monday, Monday, Monday

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Monday everyone! and Columbus day for all those who get to celebrate it!

I am secretly blogging here at work since we did not get the day off, unlike Austin who is snuggling with the puppy and probably playing Zelda at home.

Anywho, this weekend was pretty productive for wedding things...yay!

Updates are as follows:

  • We have 'decided' on a design for our Save the Dates, Woo! (I use the word decided lightly however, because you all know me and my mind...I will be making up new designs until the payment is made and they have been shipped)
  • Austin picked out a wedding band (Just seeing samples on his hand gave me a fabulous mushy gushy feeling inside) a post all about them later when I make a decision...
  • I went crazy at Michael's and bought all sorts of fun Navy and Copper things.
  • The down payment for Lake Wissota has been MADE. Due to the delay because of the "holiday" today, who knows when it will get there, but contracts and deposits are on their way! Whew.
Now if I could only be as productive about my school work in the coming days...


Heather from the bar October 14, 2008  

Haha "decided" is even less important when I use it, because I am designing/printing/assembling my own invites, so the design will most likely change mid process. Terrible! I went to Michael's on Sunday looking for paper for envelope liners. I walked out with a corner maker-punch thingy. It sucks you in, it really does!

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