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Saturday, October 18, 2008

As of yesterday, we have officially picked out our wedding bands. According to my "to do" list, we are a little preemptive on this task, but this was something that was fun for both of us, so we were a little excited to go back to Spencer's Jewelers, who designed my engagement ring.

First up, Austin's ring will look similar to this:

 It is a white gold hammered finish band...he really likes the idea that it will "not show scratches" as apparently he is intent on banging it around everywhere for the rest of his life.

Anywho, it looks kind of like our friend Allen's wedding band (except Allen's is in yellow gold) so that is fun!

Also Spencer's is going to engrave it - for free - on the inside with my first and middle name. Awww. (his idea, not mine...I suggested the ever popular "Put it back on"...just kidding)

My band, on the other hand I do not have a picture of...because it is being semi created for me. I know, I know, I am difficult :)

But it too will be white gold, with 6 raised round diamonds, in an ever so slight curve, so that it nicely accents the shape of my engagement ring. Yay!

When we first went in they had a band that I liked with 5 diamonds, but I thought with 6 diamonds they would fit better around the round center stone on my engagement ring. So, the very nice Mr. and Mrs. Spencer found a setting in a catalog to order for me. They are going to play with the construction a little bit and match up some diamonds that are of the same quality as my ring, and then we will see how it looks!

It was so fun to shop for rings, but while I was there the jeweler and I decided that while my ring fits, it is slightly too big (he thinks I should have a little more resistance putting it on and taking it off than I do).

...so on Monday I am going to have to drop off my ring to have it taken from a 6 down to a 5 1/2. I will be with out it for 4 days. Sad faces. I am going to have to dig through my jewelery box and find a replacement ring for a couple of days so my finger doesn't feel naked!

In any case, I continue to be impressed with the level of customer service at our jeweler! They are so sweet and patient, and willing to work with you to get you exactly what you want. Don't be afraid to ask!


veganmegan October 19, 2008  

It looks just like mike's wedding band!

Anonymous October 24, 2008  

Oh man!
It's nice. The ring, your love symbol, evokes a warm and good feeling in my heart.
I love you both! Leslie

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