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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Save the Dates have arrived!

As I was leaving the house to come to work this morning, imagine my surprise as the DHL man came traipsing up to ME!

"What can this be?" I thought to myself for a quick moment...and then it dawned on me that this little package held 250 postcards - of my own design {!}- much sooner than expected thanks to the lovely customer service at Vista Print.

Yay! More later on why we decided to go with postcards, and the design itself...

As an aside, let me admit to you all that as much as I adore blogging, sometimes I find it a struggle with whether or not I should reveal things on here, or leave them a surprise since I suspect the majority of people who actually read this will be guests. Luckily, more often than not my naturally tendency to have someone with me to jump around and scream and be excited wins out - though now that only happens via comments - but whatevs, you get my drift.
So here it is, in writing, the day that we will be getting m-a-r-r-i-e-d!

When, when, when should I send them? In Martha this month it said you can send them up to one year in advance, if your guests are traveling (which a majority of ours are) BUT I feel that may be overzealous? And then I have to factor in them getting lost in the holiday card maybe middle of January? Can I hold onto them that long????

Married friends, planning friends, when did you / do you plan to send yours?


veganmegan October 23, 2008  

with airline prices being what they are and with me liking to put save the dates on my fridge, i would love to see your save the date ASAP!

Anonymous October 23, 2008  

Since many of your guests will be traveling (from what I can guess from a previous post), I would send them out sooner rather than later. However, maybe (if you can) wait until after the Christmas card rush.

Anonymous October 24, 2008  

My rul of thumb is this: id more than 1/3 of your guests can't drive to your venue in 12 hours or less, send them out a year in advance.

Heather from the bar October 24, 2008  

Ours is in July 2009, and we will be sending them out in November, so about 8 months before. I feel the sooner the better, especially with people traveling.

Adam and Jessica October 25, 2008  

When we got married, we sent save the dates to all of our out of town guests as soon as we knew when and where we were getting married. I figured that would give everyone plenty of time to make plans and lessen the excuse of not knowing well enough in advance. If you get them out in early November, they shouldn't have to fight with xmas cards since those usually go out in December. If you cant get them out in November, then I would wait til January. CANT WAIT TO SEE THE CARDS!

Heather October 25, 2008  

We're getting hitched late November 2009 and I wanted to send mine one year out. But out Travel Agent warned me about the holiday card rush, and people just in general being focused on T-giving, December holidays, etc. ... so we're waiting till right after new years. That way people don't feel the need/want to book travel/hotel when they are trying to figure out how to cover christmas costs.

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