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Thursday, October 30, 2008

We pretty much knew that wedding website was a 'necessity' for us right from the get-go. Between blogging and email, even our grandmothers have noticed the increase in accessibility due to technology. Since so many of our guests are coming from out of town, we wanted to have somewhere with real time updates and information that they could have anytime of day or night, without calling us up. {Friends, you know I am not good at calling back}

Thus started the grand search for a wedding website!

As I posted before, I have had a Knot account for a while, and their website features have certainly been upgraded!

They have pretty basic layouts and templates for free and have added some features like matching Save the Dates, online RSVP, etc. When I think baseline, standard and free - I think of this site.

The Know also offers some deals on Wedding Tracker and Wed-o-Rama.

One of my close friends recommended Wedding Tracker whole heartedly.

You get your own domain name, and site for a year for $60. They have some awesome templates, and flashy flash intros, as well as plenty of tools on the inside with RSVPs, guest list management, seating charts, all sorts of stuff...and like I mentioned that price is significantly reduced if you are a Knot member.

Wed-o-Rama, in my opinion is pretty much on par with Wedding Tracker, except now you can upload videos, which is pretty cool, and it costs $70 for the year.

eWedding is another big name free site out there in cyberspace.

This site seems to be pretty good, has a variety of pages, again for f-r-e-e. There are nice little flash intros at the beginning, if you are into that sort of thing, and the designs are pretty cutes-y {and, or, scrapbook-y}. I think that example couple was just a little too much "say cheese" for me. Not that I am not sure that they are really nice people very much in love. [read: models.]

When I stumbled across mywedding.com I was excited because not only are the websites f-r-e-e, BUT they are designed by companies like Papeterie and Wedding Paper Divas to match your invitations. Which we can't afford. Le sigh.

Nonetheless we decided to go with them! (Hey, if i can't afford the actual invites, I might as well have the website!)

They have a great amount of pages that you can turn on and off as you complete them or as they are necessary, instead of having links that direct to a page that says "check back soon" (a la J.Crew as of late. but I digress) and it is a really user friendly interface. And oh yeah, did I mention it is free??

While clearly $70 is relatively cheap for a year, we figured it was semi-unnecessary on a Grad Student / Navy Ensign wedding budget. That could go to some lovely shoes or something for me, or, um, you know, my future husband...I kid, I kid.

In any case, if you are our friend and know our names this should be pretty easy for you, but will hopefully keep some of the online creepers away...

Enter www.mywedding.com/myfirstnameandmyfiance'sfirstname to see our site!


Adam and Jessica November 02, 2008  

The site is BEAUTIFUL!!

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