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Monday, December 29, 2008

We are back in good old Georgia today, which means the return of consistent internet! Yay!!!

One of the items on the to-do list that we accomplished while in Wisconsin was ordering our cake. As I previously mentioned, I LOVE CAKE.

Originally, we were planning to go with a Buttercream Bakery cake, but when I went in to visit, I was not really impressed. The "Eau Claire Branch" of this local chain bakery was basically a desk and couple of tables in a place called Cranberry Cottage.

The women knew a bit about craft and home goods, but not really about cake. Basically, you ordered whatever you wanted and it would be made at the main branch in Minnesota and shipped over the day of your wedding.

Not exactly the personal touch that we were expecting.

Luckily, one of my grandmother's good friends has owned and operated Connie's Cakeory for the last 30 years or so. We met with her and were thrilled with how amazingly nice and talented she is - not to mention cost effective.

We were able to sort of pull a whole bunch of cakes together, and this is the closest rendering that PowerPoint and I could come up with:

Clean, simple, lovely. In my opinion, of course. There will be little dots of icing at all of the diamond pattern intersections, and the dots on the round layers will be smaller, more concentrated close to the ribbon and then sort of spreading out. Yay!

Onto the flavors. The top tier is a weird combo, but fits us well. One layer will be Red Velvet (for me) and the other will be Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup (for the hubby). That way from our piece we cut, we can feed each other from the respective layer that we like.

Beyond the cake itself, Connie is preparing sheet cakes in all of the flavors to be cut and ready to go from the back for everyone...so there will be no delay. How fab is that? The very second we cut and feed each other cake, the wait staff will start bringing out cake for everyone and then on to the dancing!

The rest of the cake is right now Lemon Swirl and Raspberry Swirl...but we can change it up until a week before the wedding at will. Awesome. We can also change the design up until a week before the wedding.

I love all of these personal connections! (My aunt is also helping us out with the florist...more on that later)

The one thing I am undecided about is flowers on the cake. We have a Lenox topper that Connie is making sure looks amazing on top of the cake, so I do not know if flowers would be too much.

What do you all think? Do you prefer clean and simple, or ornamental and adorned?


The Hrudowsky Family December 30, 2008  

Clean and simple! You are not the kind of girl that needs all of that extra fluff!

Hale December 31, 2008  

NO Flowers! The cake sounds beautiful just the way it is! If the table needs more adornment you could always have the bridesmaids put their boquets next to the cake.

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