Still to do.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

We still have plenty to do durning this visit, like:

  • Meeting with photographers
  • Seeing Lake Wissota
  • Making menu selections
  • Cake...and all that that encompasses
  • TUXES. I totally forgot about these before yesterday. Whoops.
  • DJ/Band/some sort of music to get our groove on
  • Church/considering having an outdoor wedding at the golfcourse.
I know. A new development.

What do you guys think, indoor or outdoor wedding? Pro and Con list?


Hale December 21, 2008  

Ah Outdoor! But I'm partial I love outdoor weddings! Pro's: Austin won't have to go through conversion classes. It can be absolutely courses are a very nice back drop. Con's: It's not what you always imagined. A Catholic Church is also a beautiful back drop. It could be really hot..thus sweaty. No matter what you choose it will be wonderful so go with what feels right

The Hrudowsky Family December 21, 2008  

Outdoor! You will be so stunning on the golf course!

Darren and Lindsey Dean December 22, 2008  

If you go with Outdoor, I have just the book for you... but we can talk about it later... Call me! I had wanted one, but because of some cons I decided against it.

Anonymous January 03, 2009  

No outdoors, thanks.


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