Fab Friends: Jessica and Adam

Friday, December 5, 2008

You know these Fab Friend photos will be g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s, because this friend was, believe it or not, in the top ten of the Miss Virginia Pageant before getting married in the Summer of 2005!

Allow me to introduce you to Jessica and Adam:

Jessica and Adam had a beautiful wedding in Virginia Beach/Chesapeake Virginia. Look at these pictures of the bride getting ready

{if the young lady holding the mirror in the middle picture looks familiar, it is because she is actually the bride from this previous fab friends post! I told you we were close :) }

The wedding took place at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, where the couple first met, and where after a stint in Charlottesville, Virginia and Peabody, Massachussets, Adam has now returned to be a Youth Minister! As soon as the doors swung open to reveal Jess, every woman in the church burst into tears...including me, which is saying something!

After the wedding, the bridal party and newlyweds snuck over to Regent University to snap some more beautiful photos...

{Part of the "Bridal Army"...Jess and Adam had 16 'adult attendants, and 9 children attendants! Here are some of the kids playing around, minus the flower girls from the getting ready photo above...}

{aren't they cute???}

While the bridal party was taking photographs, the rest of us guests headed to the Chesapeake Conference Center to enjoy a fabulous cocktail hour.

The bride and groom entered and had their first dance to "Making Memories of Us" by Keith Urban, which again had almost every woman in the room in tears...{it was a very emotional day}

and if THAT didn't have everyone in tears, when Jessica's little sister Anna, her MOH, made her toast, that certainly got the rest of us. She intertwined her speech with singing the Shania Twain song "Forever and For Always", which was not only original and brave for such a young MOH, but brought down the house.

One of my favorite parts of Jessica and Adam's wedding, however, was that they took the time to honor the Jewish part of Jessica's heritage. Who doesn't want a picture like this one?

They definitely threw an amazing celebration:

And as alway we made sure to get one awesome friend shot in before their exit:

{$10 to anyone that can help me discover a spray tan that can help me from glowing like I am in this photograph for my own wedding...I am almost translucent!}

And the evening ended with the bride and groom exiting to a secret location, secret to everyone besides the groom and his father that is, to keep well meaning and hilarious friends from sending them large orders of pizzas and other obnoxious distractions

They had such a beautiful celebration to start such a beautiful life together. They just celebrated their three year anniversary this summer and live thier lives in such a gracious model of love and support for one another...even across college rivalry lines (as Jess went to and is a fan of UVA and Adam is a die hard Hokie...they are even able to attend games together, a feat which not many such couples can claim).

Thanks for letting me share your pictures guys!


Anonymous December 06, 2008  

That was such nice commentary

Adam and Jessica December 06, 2008  

Ahhh Court! Thank you for your sweet commentary! It brought a tear to my eye reading it and remincing about how perfect that day was. We feel so special to have been on the blog!

♥ Kiki ♥ December 07, 2008  

OMG, I love her dress! How beautiful. And I don't really believe that you burst into tears. Is there documentation? :-)

And you are not translucent. You are going to be such a gorgeous bride! :-)

Adam and Jessica December 08, 2008  

PS..One you are not translucent, we were just blessed with fair skin, but Court I got a spray tan when I was getting ready to compete at Miss Lynchburg because I was white as a ghost and it worked wonderfully! I found it at a salon (Hair to spare locally) and you go for a couple sprays and it does wonders. Another fair skinned girl at Miss VA swore by it too!

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