I love cake.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Truly, I do.

The fiance on the other hand? He doesn't like baked goods! WHO doesn't like baked goods??

So, when the other day he actually said that these cakes looked good, I was impressed enough to schedule an appointment while we are in Wisconsin for the holidays.

The ONLY downside is that they don't list Red Velvet {my fave} as a flavor, but I am hoping that they will say, "Sure, we can whip that up for you!" though I am not sure that I trust a northern bakery to get it right.

No offense.

Since I am not a fan of fruit in cake, the rest of the flavors seem a little 'normal' for me, though I just recently had an excellent Funfetti wedding cake so I guess 'normal' can be fun too. Classic even.

What is the best cake that you have ever had?


veganmegan December 14, 2008  

my favorite cake is a peanut butter bomb. chocolate cake with peanut butter fluff piled high covered in ganache. not very wedding-y though.

Cola December 16, 2008  

I love carrot cake, but when Dennis and I got married, we called our cake, "The Creamy Drink Cake"...each flavor was different; one was Kahlua, one was Frangelica, one was Amaretto....we enjoyed it, but the top tier sucked a year later!!! If a couple can survive eating the top tier on their one year anniversary, they have earned a second year of wedded bliss!!!

Dan and Lisa December 19, 2008  

I happen to especially love the top right pic of the cake on the silver cake stand... it looks almost exactly like mine did...except that my middle layer had swiss dots instead of the swirlies. And a fantastic cake tradition I have started is that we served the top layer at the wedding (saved about 200$) and then every anniversary we order a miniature of our actual wedding cake. we LOVE having a mini wedding cake and its really fun!!!

Aunt Karen March 20, 2009  

I love chocolate cake with choc pieces and chopped nuts in it. That is what our wedding cake was 20 yrs ago.....
I also am a cake decorater and did Danielle's cake for her wedding 3/08/08. They just had their 1st Anniversary and ate the top of their cake,(frozen for a year).
They loved it ,said it tasted great! Check out the picture's of the cake that Lori has. Have fun at the shower this weekend!

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