I found her

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yesterday, in this whirlwind of wedding planning, family time, and studying for comprehensive exams (ugh, don't ask...) that is my "vacation" this year, my mother, sister and I went wedding dress shopping.

And we found her. The one.

And her name is Zarah.

Pictures of ME in the dress to come, when a nosy fiance isn't sneaking around trying to ruin the surprise because he is finally burnt out on Rock Band.


♥ Kiki ♥ December 21, 2008  

Love Love Love Love

Adam and Jessica December 21, 2008  

Absolutely gorgous!! You will be stunning in that gown!

Kari December 21, 2008  

Yay!!! So exciting :) Can't wait to see the pictures of you in it!

Dustin and Adele December 29, 2008  

Courtney! That dress is beautiful and I cannot wait to see pictures of you in it!

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