Sunday, December 7, 2008

While relaxing and watching television this evening, I clicked over to the know, just perusing.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear...than an article proclaiming that "Navy is the New 'Something Blue' "

Who knew? Me. That's who :)
{and you know a million other brides using Navy blue out there...}

Check out some finds from this article about Navy accessories:

Shoes from the Crew
{though I am still lusting after the Kate Spade lovelies, I fear they are going to break my heart}
A sapphire bracelet
{a nice touch that I hadn't thought of, to be honest}
A lovely clutch from Lauren Merkin
And of course, Navy blue lingerie...a necessity for every true Navy bride
Now, I know a friend who-shall-not-be-named incorporated a bright orange teddy, of all things, since her husband is a HUGE Clemson fan, but...
How did you all incorporate accent colors into your accessories?


Adam and Jessica December 08, 2008  

Love those accessories. My friend Thais wore light blue heels as her something blue...I love the navy for that idea!Another friend wore light blue undies under her dress.But I guess that raises the question of why baby blue as it always seems to be...I love the darker hue idea! So cute. I didnt incorporate colored accessories really except the something blue on my garter which my mom made and my purse and hankie was my nana's (the something borrowed)...a friend borrowed another friend's veil as her something borrowed,my new wedding dress and my great great aunt's dinner ring (something old). So while no color I had fun with finding the right item to fit the ryhme. It would be very cool to incorporate the navy! My mom wore saphires the day of her wedding. It's a really pretty touch with the white I though.:)

Hale December 08, 2008  

I love these ideas, especially the klutch, although you probably won't want to carry it around on the wedding day...

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