Fab Friends: Michelle and Nick

Friday, December 12, 2008

It is that time folks...another Fab Friend Friday!

Allow me to introduce you to my friends Michelle and Nick

Nick and Michelle are our friends from college and were married in July of 2006 in Virginia Beach. They had a church wedding and then a reception at the Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club.

We spent the morning getting ready and relaxing, before helping Michelle to get beautiful

Michelle is a crafter and makes beautiful cards and invitations in her spare time, and picked a vibrant color palette for the day; dark turquoises, oranges and purples

They saw each other before the ceremony, not only in order to take some lovely pictures, but also so that they could greet their guests as they arrived. Here is the lovely bride waiting to be revealed to her groom

and one of my favorite photographs of the day, the bride getting ready to walk down the aisle. I don't think there is any moment quite like that one at a wedding ceremony, whether you see each other ahead of time or not

After the ceremony we headed to the Yacht Club docks to take group photographs...you know how I love a dock photo.
Michelle and all the men, except her husband - scandalous.

Found him!

Michelle was kind enough to send along this picture as well, which we were unaware that the photographer had snapped

{hey, they look familiar...}

Then we all headed inside for a fabulous party!

An emotional sorority moment

and they were so cool that they had a getaway boat
{an idea we may very well steal...so thanks for thinking of it}

What a fun time!

Nick and Michelle have since bought a house, a dog, and had a beautiful little girl named Blair Ann. We always love to stop over and spend time with their family when we get back to Virginia. Thanks for letting me feature your special day lovies :)


Hale December 14, 2008  

I adore that photo of you and Autin. How sweet!

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