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Monday, December 1, 2008

Though I haven't heard from a couple of them yet, I am going to go ahead and reveal how we asked our bridal party to join us! {I will wait for introductions to the party as a whole until we hear from everyone, but a tutorial will be coming soon too! :) }

We deliberated for a long time on how to do this...and then we decided, hey, why not DIY it?

Remember that Sneak Peek I gave you a couple weeks ago??? Well that was a peek at our "Will you be our..." cards!

Here are some better photos:

The "suite" as a whole

We used the same card for bridesmaids, groomsmen, MOH and Best Man.
The ladies got the bottle of champagne {plus some poppers!} and the men got the cigars*

Here is a closeup of the front of the card, and the self-made envelope liners

The inside said:
"but there is nothing that we would love more
than to have you celebrating with us at the finish line.
Will you be our {blank}?"

{Yes, those are really our feet, and please, please, ignore the grammar mistake on the front if you noticed it...the comma just did not look right with the change in font.}

The card in the envelope, as shown before

and a quick seal I whipped up...thanks Xyron!

A closeup of the champagne bottle label...thanks again trusty Xyron

The label is the same image of our feet, washed out, and a definition of the word "celebrate"...we had originally intended on making cigar labels that looked similar for the men, but ultimately decided not the boys would probably not care :)

*I had a couple of ladies out of town, and found out that you cannot mail alcohol, whoops. So then I thought, "Hey! I will just send the poppers, good idea!" Just Kidding. Those are also illegal to mail. In the end I sent them a champagne glass, with a picture of their champagne bottle that is awaiting them the next time we see each other.


florest family December 01, 2008  

I love it---that is so adorable!! who knew you couldn't mail poppers?

Adam and Jessica December 01, 2008  

Super CUTE!! You are the most creative bride! Love all your details and the care and thought you put into each detail for the wedding! Beautiful!

veganmegan December 01, 2008  

it was so fun to open! i hope austin told you i popped the champagne that i (of course) already had in the fridge and drank it while talking to him. xoxoxo

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