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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A lovely friend gave me the cutest notepad with that saying printed on it for wedding planning purposes...and I am using it.

Last night we realized we are almost at 7 months to our wedding - yikes!

The trip to Wisconsin for Christmas is going to be a whirlwind of family and holidays along with as much wedding planning as we can fit in over a week and a couple of days.

On the list:

  • Revisiting Lake Wissota...Austin hasn't seen it.
  • Working out a tasting for reception food
  • Booking a church {it would be important to actually get married at our wedding...}
  • Finding a Rehearsal Dinner location
  • Talking to hotels
  • Meeting with photographer and hopefully booking her
  • Finding a cake
  • Meeting with multiple florists and booking one
  • Dress Shopping!
  • Booking a DJ, and talking to little brother about band possibilities 
I feel that there will be more things that come out, but this list is already looking ambitious.

Time to get an itinerary going!

Anyone else that had a crunched time frame to do these things? What have you found that are important to get done first?


veganmegan December 10, 2008  

I would def. say your locations should be #1 priority. Once you get the church and the venues booked, they other stuff is the fun part. Buying a dress?! Wee! Eating cake and free food while people practically beg you for your business? fun!

are there any bridal expos happening around there while you are in town? That would give you a good opportunity to try some food in a low pressure environment and see if there are some vendors that catch your eye.

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