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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

it came back!

Our Save the Date that is.

We sent a Save the Date to ourselves from the next county over last week {to make sure that all my formatting was good...and able to make it through the rigorous USPS standards, see below} and it came back to us!

Yay! This means we can get to addressing and mailing ALLLLLL of our huge amount of Save the Dates! {at this point our estimates are for over 115 households. Households people -- not guests. Yikes!}

Since I have been talking about them forever, and haven't shown y'all anything, here is a picture of the original design of the back of the postcard...

We couldn't use it because of the aforementioned rigorous standards {read: after I spent hours perfecting this design I found out that there were certain dimensions I had to adhere to for borders, and that there were no colors or writing [besides the address] allowed on the 'address side' of the postcard...booooooo. So, while I hope they will still be delivered with care, Mr. Postman has no explicit instructions.}

BUT, the new design doesn't really differ that much, and I still love it...seriously.

Yay! Get excited for mail!


Heather from the bar November 06, 2008  

I can't wait to see the finished product :)

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