Hydrange loveliness...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love hydrangeas. I know that they are the "typical" wedding flower maybe, but I have always loved them {well, at least ever since my mom put 4 arrangements of silk hydrangeas in the room my sister and I shared}

You may remember how in love I was/am with this photo:

{from here}

But lately I have been thinking about a more 'clean' look, if you will. Maybe something like this:

{from here}

BUT I still love hydrangeas...

I found this photo on my "someday" jump drive and am thinking I kind of love it:

{not sure where I got this...}

Am I crazy? I don't feel like I have seen many loose arrangements of hydrangeas...but I am kind of in love with it. Can you imagine this, in a tall clear vase?

Maybe like this, but with hydrangeas?

{from here}


veganmegan November 09, 2008  

i like the first photo the best still.

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