Fab Friends: Megan & Mike

Friday, November 14, 2008

For my first Fab Friend Friday Wedding post, let me introduce my friends Megan and Mike!

They were married in November of 2005 and their anniversary is next week, so I thought they would be the perfect couple to kick this off! They were married in Corolla, North Carolina (on the Outer Banks). It was one of the most lovely and fun celebrations that I have ever attended. We got to stay in this amazing house...

Where we all, including the bride, got ready that day. She wore a dress that she got on sale, and had altered to suit her style :) It was originally a zipper back, and she had a corset back put in so that she could put pink ribbon through, and added a pink crinoline skirt underneath. Here she is taking a page out of Scarlett O'Hara's book:

{A sidenote on the bridesmaid's dresses...$20 on sale from Old Navy, simple khaki sheath dresses with lovely pink cardigans. I still wear mine...how often do you hear a bridesmaid say that?}

We got her ready in time to meet her love on the shore...

There was a huge and fun loving bridal party! Megan even had two 'bridesmen' that you can see at the end on her side.

Another shot of the whole crew, post ceremony:

The bride is vegan, so her family and her made every last bit of food at the wedding, including the cake! Some of the bridal party even helped make Virginia and Texas shaped vegan cookies {for where the bride and groom are from}.

The groom's cake said "To a Whale of a Husband" an allusion to a Simpson's episode, and I think matched the whales on his tie.

After all the fun wedding activities, first dance, cutting of the cake, eating and having a fabulous time, we all headed back to that 'cozy' beach house for an awesome after party.

They are such a loving and happy couple, and have since added a little one to the mix! Congrats on three years of wedded happiness guys!

{All photo credit goes to one of the Maids of Honor, Andria, and a couple other assorted guests whom I have forgotten since I have had these photos for so long! Let me know if one of them was you :) }


veganmegan November 14, 2008  

yay! Thanks for the kind words! lets go back and play at the beach house! party shower!

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