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Thursday, November 13, 2008

So a while ago I posted about dress shopping, but never told you anything about it! {shame on me}

The first place we went was Treasures Formals & Bridals in Roswell, GA. We weren't sure how this place would be, and they did not have a large selection, but the dresses they did have were so well picked. There was a large range of styles among them and they were not too pricey.

The owner was my bridal consultant and she was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I loved her. Seriously.

I tried on many dresses, and ended up liking two dresses. It was funny that I liked these dresses, both by Sophia Tolli, because they both have asymmetrical elements to them and I love me some symmetry.

Meet Francesca

I really liked this dress {sans straps} but I was not head over heels...though looking back in pictures it looks pretty darn good. The back is corset, but she is willing to make design changes, including putting in a zipper. {point for Sophia}

Next, Meet Zarah
I looooooovvvved this dress. It was a lot less traditional that I was planning, but it was just so fabulous. Lindsey even made me put it on with a birdcage veil and I could pull it off in this dress! {Not for the ceremony, of course, but YAY!} The only things we wondered were:
  1. If this dress would be a lot more flat in white, as I tried it on in this deep color, and
  2. If this dress would be "too much" for the feeling of our wedding so far {both my mom and academic adviser said I should wear whatever dress I want, regardless, since I only get to do this once.}

More of our day of shopping to come, but what do y'all think?


Heather from the bar November 13, 2008  

The second one is gorgeous!

Jen B November 13, 2008  

i could not find a veil or shoes in georgia OR virginia after months of looking and finally found them both at Treasures. what a small world! as for my opinion on the dresses...i like the first (it reminds me of my own dress) but i agree, no straps!

veganmegan November 13, 2008  

i like the second one way better. I would love to see you in a bid cage veil. You would look very rachel mcadams a la the notebook.

I never pictured you in a dress like that since you do have such a traditional style BUT I think you would look beautiful and would def. turn heads!!

Adam and Jessica December 05, 2008  

Linds showed us a few shots of you in these gowns on her cell...and you looked gorgous! Either dress was stunning on you! Oh...and I tried my wedding dress on originally in a champagne and was nervous about ordering it in off white because of the same concern you had of losing some of the drama...but ask them for fabric swatches before you order and that helped me see what it would be like in my actual color and it didn't hurt the drama of the gown at not to worry!

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