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Saturday, November 15, 2008

After talking to my mom, I have realized a big 'oops' on my part.

Apparently there are 6 Bed Bath & Beyonds in the entire state of Wisconsin {it's true- see here} and none of them are within a reasonable distance to my family. {I thought there were, but apparently it was a Linens and Things, which, as we are all aware, is closing. Awesome.}

And there are no Pottery Barns within a drivable distance from most people on my list.

AND there is only one Macy's. {a recently acquired one, which if you have ever been in, does not look at all like what I call a 'real' Macy's, which means, no china or crystal in-store}

Yup, I know. Bad research. My bad.

So what does this mean? After a quick act of pulling myself back together, I realized that the majority of things we registered for at BB&B are available elsewhere. So, I am planning, for now, on maybe opening another registry

::she grits her teeth::

Four registries just seems like so much to me! Especially once I put them on our wedding website and have to list them all. I just do not want to seem that I have gone crazily greedy, because at the end of the day I care that people are there with us - not what they have brought for us.

Now, I can rationalize the use of all of them until I am blue in the face, but friends, what do you think? Should I transfer some stuff over to a new registry to make things more accessible for guests, and keep all four open? Or is it too much?


The Hrudowsky Family November 15, 2008  

I suggest that if you can take some things off of the BBB registry that you can get elsewhere, you should so that you don't have to do TONS more returning than you already will have to do. But, if you choose to not take the time to take things off, no biggie because you can return things and get something else that you didn't get that you may have really wanted. Little things add up to big things really quickly.

veganmegan November 15, 2008  

What about target? anything at BBB would be at target or target online. Just close out your bbb registry.

♥ Kiki ♥ November 16, 2008  

I think you should register at target and also keep bbb. It gives people lots of options. And if you register at a super target, you can register for things like bread and a pineapple...lol.

SarahOehler November 16, 2008  

Courtney-LOVE reading the wedding blog. I say don't worry about it. I think most people will order online and have things shipped to you - which you would probably rather have anyways since you're not living in the city or state where you are getting married.

Meredith November 16, 2008  

I would say add another registry that is easily accessible by your guests in Wisconsin. However, one note of warning about Target...they have a TERRIBLE return policy and aren't very good about updating your registry (after people by gifts off of it). Not everyone includes gift receipts with their gifts, and this can make it tough to return duplicate gifts.

I love your wedding blog. Happy planning!

Darren and Lindsey Dean November 17, 2008  

You could also try a Dillards or another department store that is big in 'Consin. We had practically an identical registry at Dillards and Macy's because there are no Macy's near Darren's family... and people do still go into the store and pick out the items in person. Don't feel bad about identical registries - but I would stick more items on the places that are return-friendly :)

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