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Monday, November 10, 2008

I worked with my students on a retreat yesterday, so I flexed some hours and played hooky today to get things done...one of which was doing our REGISTRY!!!

We were pretty excited to get this out of the way, as we had heard from some people that it could be a long and tiring process...and we were pretty excited to get to play with those scanner guns!

Armed with very little knowledge about what we want/need we headed to the Mall of Georgia.

We hit up Bed Bath & Beyond first for 'necessities' {read: my KitchenAid standing mixer that I have wanted since I was 14} and left two hours later...overwhelmed, but registered!

After a quick refuel in the food court we headed on up to Macy's. This is where I got excited. Objective: Fine China and Stemware.

Here is the groom on our mission, armed with scanner and clipboard:

{I love him.}

We had a little fun with the example table they had set up, and our consultant was fabulous helping us change out dozens of patterns...we ended up both really liking this one:

and a closeup of the pattern, courtesy of Waterford:

It is the Waterford Padova Pattern. We are not in love with the accent plate, but changed it out with enough others that we feel pretty confident in not getting one for now. YAY!

{BTW for all those of you who read MS Weddings as I do, you may have noticed in the last issue a little blurb about monogramming china. I asked, and our consultant said you cannot register for that, as it would be a custom order, but you could find people out there [artists] who do this sort of thing and reglaze the china so that it is sanitary for food. More research required.}

We also picked out some lovely stemware from Lenox:

(Just the ones with the Platinum edging...they go so well with the china!) This is the Lenox Timeless Platinum Pattern.

We are pretty hyped about these, and we may even buy some champagne flutes to use as our toasting flutes, but have them engraved with a 'G' or something fancy, mayhap our new married monogram.

We did not register for any flatware as of yet, but we saw on the website once we got home that Macy's carries a matching version to the China, so we may end up adding that to the list. We also picked up some lovely things from Martha to add to the list. {le sigh}

To round out the day we headed to Pottery Barn. Why, you may ask? Because we already have quite a bit of everyday dinnerware from the lovely folks at the Barn, buuuuut we would like to round it out a little.

We were able to purchase the bare essentials when A worked there {for 50% off mind you, so it rounded off at about the same price as something from Target} but we were not able to get all of the things that we smack ourselves in the head for not getting sometimes.

{Also, I got to register for two monogrammed hand towels...with our new married monogram [!!!woo!!!]}

So we picked up a few things there and are hoping that we hit enough variety for all of our guests...though we are well short of the projected amount we should register for with around 230 guests being invited. That projection is quite ridiculous and a liiiiitle embarrassing.

Whew. I am sure we will play with it, but for now that is one more thing checked off the list!


Adam and Jessica November 10, 2008  

What fun!! LOVE the china pattern you guys picked out. So classic with added detail. Oh and last year I won a kitchen aid in a contest and I love it! YOU WILL LOVE THAT KITCHEN TOOL! It's the best:) I love how we get to see all the planning details as they come together. It is so much fun.

Darren and Lindsey Dean November 11, 2008  

YAY for registering... should be feeling more real now!

I love the projections on how much to register for - don't cast them aside though... they can run out quickly, especially as showers and things start to happen!

Always, always let the dude carry the gun. Plus, how else will he feel "manly" about registering for spatulas?

veganmegan November 12, 2008  

i can't look at your macy's registry. it doesn't come up for either of your names. :(

love the pattern!

I love my Kitchen aid (i bought one as soon as I moved out because I know I couldn't live without one seeing as I had never used any other type of mixer). Amazing!

What i sue most though is my food processor. You picked a really good one. I use mine 4+ times in a day some days. xoxo

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