Saturday, November 22, 2008

I bought this lantern today at TJ Maxx for a whopping $20!

{It's pretty big. That is the largest candle that I had in the house!}

Right now I am planning on using it as decor on the Escort Card table...our guest list just passed 250 {out.of.control.i.know.believe.me.i.know.} so there won't be much room for anything besides cards, but I think this might do nicely with a bigger candle and maybe some greenery at the base?

The table itself will be sitting inside the entry, in front of this fireplace {sans furniture, of course}

{sorry for the blurriness...taken on the run}

I hate to block the pretty fireplace, but what you see off to either side is the entry into the main room, so there aren't many other options. I am planning on throwing some other things up on the mantle, possibly some initial letters reminiscent of these lovelies by Martha...

Once the escort cards have all been taken, this same table will become the favor display for departing guests...more on our super fun favors later, but in the mean time...what do y'all think of the ideas so far for escort card display? Any awesome ideas for a mantle/entryway/escort card table out there?


Anonymous November 24, 2008  

I love the idea for the escort table. I think it's simple and easy for guest. Any more decorations on it other than the latern with some greenery might be too distracting. Also, even though you're covering the fireplace with the table, people will still be able to get the "feel" of the fireplace because it will still be somewhat visible. The initial things are really cute but maybe not necessary b.c people will be looking at the table for their name, they might not really notice the decor on the fireplace; but I think some greenery and maybe a flower or two would be nice to give ambiance (sp?).

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