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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hooray for a FSIL who loves me enough to take her valuable time to get together all the photo edits on our high school engagement picture shoot! I got them in the mail today (along with 8 million other wedding related items - it was like Christmas) and thought I would share a bunch, while I decide which ones to include in our Blurb guestbook.


 {cheese. i know.}
 {taking him to the principal's office. uh oh.}
{the cafeteria... our relationship had defining moments here, lol}
{the auditorium, where our relationship really started}
Hope you enjoyed the glance!


Adam and Jessica May 26, 2009  

Oh my gosh! These are WONDERFUL!! Haley, you got some GREAT shots. Court and Austin...what special shots to have. XOXO

veganmegan May 26, 2009  

i love the one where ya'll are laying on the crest, outside the office, outside the bathrooms, and in the gym. fun!!!

Cola May 27, 2009  

Great job, Haley!!! Love the pictures!

Hale May 28, 2009  

Oh, I'm so glad you like them! The first one you have up is my favorite and is actually my screen saver!(I replaced a pic of me and Justin with it..sorry babe) Which photo or photos do you think you might send to the new principle? Of course that can wait till after the wedding!

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