Travel Bags for the Maids!

Friday, May 22, 2009

So I lied again. Invitations are not my next post because I have yet to take pictures of them all completed.

Instead I will feature the lovely (if I do say so myself) travel bags that I send to my Maids.

(mainly because one of my lovely maids, VM, already took a photo of hers and posted it online, thanks lady!)

Here they are:

{If you are wondering about the double monogram it is because VM is ultra-chic and has a hyphenated last name...which her husband also took as his last name. Swanky, right?}

I filled the bags with finds from the travel section at Target, and attached that little bow with a safety pin, in case it was not everyone's preferred style (and for easier washing).
I also attached the little poem to the upper right hand handle that said:
"Because you are a maid and friend,
One that is amazing and oh so dear,
I decided to show my thanks and send
These travel treats to get you here!
{Wisconsin that is}
{It's no Whitman, but I think it got the point across :)}


veganmegan May 25, 2009  

yay! glad I could be of service! we just went to NY and the bag came in super handy!

FAPORT International June 02, 2009  


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