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Saturday, May 23, 2009

I have been on a quest for wedding jewelry for quite some time. With the date change up and the chaos that ensued, however, it kind of fell by the wayside.

When I got to Wisconsin I suddenly realized - I have no jewelry to wear.

I set out on the town of Eau Claire looking for something that mixed pearls and "sparkle" be it diamonds, rhinestones, whatever (I didn't really care so long as it included pearls and some sort of "sparkle").

I scoured the mall and found, well, nothing. Being a girl from the south I am used to tons of pearl options, but apparently the pearl craze is just beginning here.

{Detour: At one store I witnessed a girl my age, a teacher, getting her first strand of pearls. So cute. The saleslady was commenting how when she started working there 10 years ago, no one wanted pearls, but suddenly it just ramped up...I think I may have helped the girl more than the saleslady, but I digress.}

In any case, I was looking for something with pearls and sparkles because I have been dropping hints for months that I would love, love, love these earring jackets that I saw at Spencer's Jewelers for a wedding present from the FH.

What is an earring jacket you may be asking? Something along the lines of this:

{This shows a diamond solitaire earring in the middle, whereas I would put my pearls in the middle.}
I fell in love with them, November, but the FH contended that I had received enough jewelry that year to last me for quite some time {engagement ring, wedding ring, pearl drop necklace...sigh...he was probably right}.
So I let them fall by the wayside for Christmas, but like I said above have been dropping hints about them for a wedding gift.

In any case, while I have no idea if I will actually receive them wedding day, but I wanted to coordinate jewelry to match just in case, and hey if all else fails, I wanted to like it just as much, without spending as much.
Enter Etsy. Whew, how Etsy and its wonderful vendors have served me time and time again.
Considering that we have, ahem, 3 weeks to the wedding, I was sure that I wouldn't be able to get anything in time.
I was looking for simple, classic and lovely. I fell in love with many necklace designs, but worried that they would be too much when combined with earrings, a hair flower and a veil. That is a lot of accessories.
Like this one from luxedeluxe

{Truth be told, this one was a close contendor anyway for being purchased, but since her maker is located in edinburgh, scotland - there was no way to get her here in time, while remaining cost effective. sad day.}
Luckily, I found another design that was simple and that I also loved and whose designer was willing and able to work within my tight schedule. Enter EricaBapst and her lovely design "My one and only" {how appropriate, non?} 

and look! Matching earrings!
I convo'd Erica and let her know the situation and she let me know that she would have them in the mail to me within 24 hours of my purchase. Go Erica.
So folks, there it is, the winning jewelry.
I will try not to be too sad if I end up not wearing those earrings ;) 


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