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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last week I was finally able to make it to St. Charles Borromeo to meet with Deacon Kinnick about our wedding ceremony!

and finally see the church in person...check it out:

{gorgeous! [and it better be for what we are paying]}

In any case, it was lovely to actually meet the man who will be marrying us and to plan out all of our ceremony details. As a little preview, here is a summary of the readings that we chose, and order of our Catholic Service Outside of the Mass (because the FH is not Catholic we are having a service outside of the mass meaning basically that communion will not be served).

I. Introductory Rite
  • Processional
  • Greeting
  • Opening Prayer
II. Liturgy of the Word
  • First Reading Genesis 2: 18-24
  • Responsorial Psalm Psalm 340
  • Second Reading Ephesians 5: 2a 21-33 (If you know me you may be surprised at this choice, but I swear the explanation is fabulous...and the FH was adamantly against Corinthians)
  • Gospel Acclamation 1John 4:12
  • Gospel Matthew 7:21, 24-29
  • Homily
  • Rite of Marriage
  • Unity Candle (my sister will sing)
  • General Intercessions
  • Nuptial Blessing
III. Concluding Rite
  • Final Blessing
  • Dissmissal
  • Recessional

All in all it should take about 40 minutes, which granted is longer than some wedding ceremonies, but is much shorter than an entire Catholic Mass. All of the paperwork has made it through not only St. Joseph's in Athens, but the Atlanta Tribunal and the La Cross authorities and finally to our church.

Whew! We are pegging away at things one little bit at a time. Next up, Invitations!


The Hrudowsky Family May 21, 2009  

The church is GORGEOUS!!!! We are so excited! 3 weeks from now we will be in the air to come to you!!!!

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