6 days and counting!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Well - I picked up the fiance last night, and have been going nutso with projects in my blogging absence.

But, I had my hair trial yesterday at the Garage Salon and Spa and was so happy with the results! Of course, being a trial my stylist was quick to start out that it would not be as secure or as finely tuned as it would be on the big day, but she wanted to make sure we were on the same page...and yet I was pretty happy with it!

So happy in fact that I am going to share some photos :)

{Oh yeah - and I got highlights, but they aren't nearly as blonde as they look in the bright sunshine here!}
{See? Still red...no worries.}
Anywho - Yay! Things are getting exciting around here!
As I type this I am copying our readings for our readers (whoops, prolly should have done that a while ago) and the FH is upstairs folding and cutting programs, as my mom scurries to make her house as loving and warm (read: sparklingly clean and well scented, via Yankee Candle) as humanly possible for out wedding party guests and the brunch following the wedding.
6 days - wow.


veganmegan June 06, 2009  

can't wait!!!

Hale June 07, 2009  

pretty..i love it!

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